It all started with two Cole brothers marrying two Bradley sisters.  Orin & Retha and Kevin & Lynette enjoyed singing together and decided it would be even more fun to have their boys a part of the family band.  Since June 2006, the Coles have been picking and singing for audiences locally and regionally.  They perform at festivals, churches, town events, fairs, private parties and any family-oriented venue.

A personal note from the Coles ~ “It’s our privilege and honor to have the opportunity to perform for folks!  We hope our music will leave you with a smile on your face!  As we travel and meet new friends, we wish for all, Life, Health, and Prosperity!  We have been experiencing just that thanks to the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!  God has given us one life and we are LIVING it!  Please click on our own personal links for more info and to get back your Life, Health, and Prosperity!”

Orin & Retha Cole

Orin – December 3RD 1967
Retha – February 13TH 1968

Orin and Retha were married on October 22, 1988. They have two boys, Brad and Travis and live at rural Bartlett, KS.

Orin plays rhythm guitar for the band.  His interests include his cows, history and research of magnetic/alternative energy, commodity trading, and sound engineering. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, rebuilding engines, and remodeling their 1894 farm house.  Favorite sport:  Baseball.  Favorite food:  BBQ and Chocolate.  Favorite vehicle:  BMW Z4 Coupe

Retha plays banjo.  Her interests include, naturopathy and herbs,  graphic designs, and interior design. Retha’s hobbies are camping with family, bird watching, raised-bed gardening, and raising chickens.  Favorite sport:  cheering for her boys.  Favorite Food:  Mexican.  Favorite vehicle:  ’42 Chevy Truck

Brad Cole

June 13TH 1991
Orin & Retha’s older son

Brad plays the fiddle in the family band. His interests are carpentry, woodworking, guns, bows, and sports.  His hobbies include hunting, fly fishing, fishing, building furniture, and fixing up his ’79 Chevy.  Brad works as a self-employed contractor.  Favorite sport:  Basketball.  Favorite food:  Fruit.  Favorite vehicle:  ’79 Stingray Corvette.

Travis Cole

June 15TH 1994
Orin & Retha’s younger son

Travis plays dobro.  His interests include, commodity trading, entrepreneurship, military history, guns, bows.  His hobbies are hunting, fishing, fly fishing, camping, building tactical guns, and leather working.  He works on the farm for his dad.  Favorite sport:  Football.  Favorite Food:  American Food (hamburgers), ice cream.  Favorite vehicle:  Corvette ZR1.

Kevin & Lynette Cole

Kevin – May 21, 1969
Lynette – September 22ND 1970

Kevin and Lynette were married on March 24, 1990. They have two boys, Madison and Logan and live at rural Edna, KS.

Kevin is the bass player. His interests are tree and shrub nursery, small farming business, and Royals baseball. His hobbies include being outdoors, camping or fishing and hunting, and family trips.  He works for CST Storage as an engineering project manager.  Also he and Lynette are promoters for the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge.  Favorite sport:  Baseball.  Favorite Food:  Steak Fajitas.  Favorite vehicle:  2012 Camaro.

Lynette plays mandolin. Her interests include music, true liberty and outdoor activities. Her hobbies are greenhousing, songwriting, camping, and hiking.  Favorite Sport:  Baseball, volleyball.  Favorite Food:  Squash (fixed almost any way!)  Favorite vehicle:  ’65 Ford Mustang.

Madison Cole

Nov 2ND 1993
Kevin & Lynette’s older son

Madison plays guitar and does mostly lead vocals. His interests are guns, music, almost anything outdoors, and entrepreneurship.  His hobbies include hunting, fishing, fly fishing, and fly tying.  Favorite sport, football.  He works for Campbell Electric as an apprentice electrician, production fly tyer for Spring River Trout Shop, guitar player for band, and is a ViSalus Promoter.  Favorite Sport:  Football.  Favorite Food:  BBQ Pulled Pork.  Favorite vehicle:  ’65-’75 Stingray Corvette.

Logan Cole

June 9TH 1998
Kevin & Lynette’s younger son

Logan plays guitar and banjo and adds tenor vocals when needed.  His interests include photography, music, history, and raising farm animals.  Logan’s hobbies include, collecting old coins and baseball cards, trapping, hunting, fishing, and fly fishing.  His favorite sports are baseball and football.  His work includes guitar/banjo picker for band and free-lance photography.  Favorite Sport:  Baseball, Football.  Favorite Food:  Potato soup (his mom’s).  Favorite vehicle:  ’69 Corvette.